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NM Asset Management Advisors is a consulting firm based in Athens, specializing in debt management services. It was founded by Nikos Marantos who has extensive experience as an executive banking professional. During the last five years he served as the Special Liquidator of Agricultural bank of Greece (ATE Bank Under Special Liquidation) and ATE Leasing (Under Special Liquidation) with eight billion euros under management.

He has also served in various top management positions at Emporiki Bank, including the position of Chief Risk Officer. NM Advisors team is also comprised of highly experienced professionals with extensive track records in banking, NPL management, insolvency management, M&A , debt and corporate restructuring. Finally, NM Advisors has undertaken various insolvency management projects using its extensive network through the banking system.

There are so many men who can figure costs, and so few who can measure values.

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NPL Management

We can assess and review any kind of distressed portfolio (evaluation of past performance, review of credit and collection policy) , assist in any kind of distress portfolio transaction (act as a buy side advisor) and manage any kind of distressed portfolio (set up and implement credit and collection strategies, daily operations and control of external partners –collection agencies and legal firms ).

Corporate Restructuring

We offer a broad range of corporate restructuring and turnaround services that will allow our clients stabilize their business activities. We can develop a restructuring plan that will maximize the liquidity and the profitability of our clients’ business and help them improve their expected return in the current times of uncertainty.

Debt Restructuring

Our experienced banking professionals can help you address any financial obligation issue your business may have and negotiate with the banks your debt restructuring on your behalf. In this context, we will review your current financial and liquidity situation, we will prepare your business cash flow projections and we will provide solid debt restructuring advice.

Business Valuation

We provide corporate valuation services assisting our clients assess the intrinsic value of any entity. Our valuation team has solid experience and sound understanding of key industry trends in the Greek market and can provide excellent valuation advice for a multitude of purposes such as transactional valuations (M&A), reporting valuations (e.g. impairment testing) or valuations that will support shareholders\’ value management.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our Corporate Finance professionals provide a full range of M&A services including buy-side advisory, sell-side advisory, privatizations advisory and due diligence services assisting our clients maximize their deal potential. Moreover, we can assist in the disposal of any kind of non core asset or underperforming asset of our client’s business.

Risk Management Services

Our team of risk management experts offers a unique range of risk management advice and solutions, especially in the banking and insurance sector. Our solid experience in risk management issues will cover your corporate needs effectively and accurately.

Holistic Facility Management

Our subsidiary, NM Properties is active in the field of total maintenance - management of all types of real estate, providing services in the field of Facility Management. With extensive know-how, a wide range of specialized equipment and dedicated staff per sector, records the needs of each building, organizes the schedule and work plan and with the guidance and control of each key account manager implements its goal, based on consistency and professionalism.

Real Estate & Tourist Real Estate Management

NM Properties having an approved real estate brokerage license from the Piraeus Chamber in combination with many years of experience in real estate management, provides you with its team, consisting of an economist - real estate appraiser, trained associates, with specialized external support (architect, civil engineer, notary, tax, etc.), full coverage for any of your housing needs. The management of tourist accommodation is one of the important sectors of NM PROPERTIES with a dynamic team of partners with extensive hotel experience, undertakes to convert apartments or houses in lucrative businesses at competitive prices.

Portfolio Maturation Services

Managing portfolio maturity is a critical process for ensuring that organizations develop the right amount of process based on the needs of the organization. In this way, portfolio implementations are “right-sized”, which means that no processes are implemented until needed by the organization.


Special Administration Project

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Special Administration Project

NM & Hellenic Steel success story

Success Story

Hellenic Steel Consolidation brought 100M of investment capital

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Special Administration Project

Hellenic Shipyards

Special Administration Project

NM Properties

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Larco Industries

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A NSRF Assosiate

Studies of Development Programs and European NSRF Programs

Beotian Metallurgy

Debt Restructuring Project

NM Asset Management & NM Properties

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We support our clients in every step of the way.

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