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Real Estate Services

NM Properties offers comprehensive real estate management services to major institutions and in particular Banking Institutions, in order to achieve their transfer from their portfolio.

  • Legal - Technical Maturation and Portfolio Sale Services
  • Holistic Facility Management
  • Real Estate & Property Management

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NM Properties

Facility Management


In any matter relating to the management of real estate from acquisition to any way of selling real estate, our company is specialized in all actions required.

Wide Portfolio

Our network undertakes the holistic management in facilities & business premises such as:

● Bank Buildings & Branches
● Tourist Properties
● Warehouses
● Hotel Spaces
● Exhibition Centers
● Shopping Centers
● Production Areas
● Industrial and Critical Facilities

Technical Maturation

● Civil engineering studies and technical inspections
● Submission of valuation of holistic findings
● Proposals for the treatment of arbitrariness or legalizations of Law 4495/17
● Implementation of settlements on technical obstacles
● Issuance of energy efficiency certificates and electronic IDs

Full Cycle Process

From compulsory auctions in order to make a property suitable for further disposal till handling all the legal framework for setting up the successful tenderer at it, we provide our expertees every step of the way.

Facility Services

Soft Services

● Cleaning
● Gardening
● PEST control
● Housekeeping
● Sale of consumamble
● Issuing of bills for buildings maintenance fees
● Catering

Hard Services
● Facility services & maintenance of buildings
● Air conditioning
● Renovation-constraction-relocation
● Fire extinguishing
● Energy studies
● Maintenance of elevators
● Staff provision

Portfolio sale services

● Check of prerequisite legal documents of the property
● Collection of legal and technical documents for the draft contract
● Verification of VAT and E9 and investigation of the requirement of an amending declaration
● Supervision of technical issues before the contracts

NM Properties

Property Management


NM Properties having an approved real estate brokerage license from the Piraeus Chamber in combined with many years of experience in real estate management, provides you with its team, consisting of an economist - real estate appraiser, trained associates, with specialized external support (architect, civil engineer, notary, tax, etc.), full coverage for any of your housing needs.

Tourist accommodations management

With a dynamic team of partners with extensive hotel experience, undertakes to convert apartments or houses in lucrative businesses at competitive prices. The perennial NM PROPERTIES engagement and cooperation with the largest online platforms in Short term rental housing allows you to instantly integrate your property into one wide range of clientele with the parallel consulting support of our company.