NM Properties - Legal

NM properties has a network of partners nationwide coverage in the legal maturity services of real estate portfolios, which include:

- Setup of the successful bidder on the property
- Guarantee services
- Dealing with any judicial or extrajudicial involvement
- The voluntary delivery of the property, as well as the conclusion or extension of an employment relationship
- The notarization of the resale of the auctioneer
- The services of the national cadastre
- Legal opinions, due diligence and legal control over the entire maturity as a final "good standing"

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The legal experience of NM properties associates extends to real estate loan securities services, including:

- Registration and removal of mortgage promissory note
- Registration and elimination of a mortgage or foreclosure, as well as the total amount or the partial way of pre-notation in a mortgage
- Issuing payment orders and dealing with objections and precautionary measures against it
- The out-of-court termination of any category of loan agreements
- Carrying out mass legal checks on real estate securities throughout the territory
- The management of receivables from checks, foreign exchange, mortgage, consumer and interest-bearing loans

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